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Coming Soon: Xiang the elephant

The first doll preorder is about to begin!

First up is Xiàng, a tiny elephant girl sculpted and cast by D2.

Xiàng measures approximately 23cm tall and was designed to share some clothes and shoes with Mattel’s line of Monster High dolls. Each doll is cast, finished, painted, and assembled by hand so no two girls will be exactly alike. She’s made primarily from flumo (an airdry ceramic like slip) with her hands, ears, feet, and tail made from premier using press molds.

Even though we have tried our best to make a sturdy doll, she is still quite delicate and is not a toy – think of her more like a posable art piece ~_^

Currently, only 5 dolls will be made at this time. If they sell quickly, we may open an additional 5 slots.

Each doll will be sent fully strung and painted, with 6mm acrylic eyes. Each doll will also be sueded, and will take approximately 1 month to make.

Price is $300 + shipping

A listing will be added to our Etsy shop Cirque de Fantomes on June 20th. Full payment will be due at the time of purchase. You can send any questions to:

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