Coming Soon: The Kaiju “Mai Ougi”

The next doll preorder will be opening up soon!

This is the first doll in the kaiju, or Japanese monster, inspired line sculpted and cast by D2.

The Mai Ougi measures approximately 41cm tall and was inspired by the kaiju Guiron from the 1969 Gamera movie. Her name is derived from the kanji for the large fans used during traditional Japanese dancing. Each doll is cast, finished, painted, and assembled by hand so no two girls will be exactly alike. She’s made primarily from flumo, with handcrafted tassel accents.

Even though we have tried our best to make a sturdy doll, she is still quite delicate and is not a toy – think of her more like a posable art piece ~_^

Due to the complexity of molding and casting this doll, only 5 of the Mai Ougi will ever be sold. She will not be re-released.

Each doll will be sent fully strung and painted. Each doll will also be sueded, and will take approximately 6 ~ 8 weeks to make. If any delays occur, a notice will be sent out ASAP.

Price is $600 + shipping

A listing will be added to our Etsy shop Cirque de Fantomes on September 1st. Full payment will be due at the time of purchase. You can send any questions or orders to:

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