New items in our shop + class offering again!

We’ve been busy this month trying to make up for all our inactivity and missteps over the last few months.

First up, we have two drawings by D2 now listed in our Etsy shop. We also still have our coupon code for a 15% discount off of 20$ or more going until the end of the month – so please check it out ^^

Next up we are once again offering our Memoria class through A for Artistic. And to help get interest, we both made new busts using the techniques and ideas taught in the class, but going in our own directions. For both of us, a large part of BJD making – even just a simple bust – is about customization and bringing your own vision to life. So we like to encourage students to use what we teach to make their own things, and that they don’t have to follow exactly what we do.

First picture: Birdie, by Pat
Second picture: The Prince, by D2

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