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New hanging bust in our shop~

We’ve added a new 6 inch hanging bust by D2 to our Etsy shop.

You can find the new bust here in our shop. The piece was inspired by the large, delicate fins that can be found on the half moon betta fish.

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Available soon – Kasa-obakes!

we’ll be adding three new listings to Cirque de Fantomes tomorrow, april 1st.

these three guys are based on the fun little japanese yokai, the kasa-obake (or karakasa kozou), a type of tsukumogami which come to life in their 100th year.

each kasa-obake can be gently opened or closed, and their tongues are wired for careful posing. each one has an individually sculpted expression full of personality and stand about 8.5 inches tall. please note – they are meant to be art pieces and not toys – so please take good care of them! otherwise you might just wake up in the middle of the night to them licking your toes in revengeā€¦

they will be priced at $95 + shipping

though there’s only 3 of them now, i hope to make a few more in the future as well (they can also be commissioned on request if there is a slot open).

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How to Commission Us

Hello everyone~

We’re super excited to announce that this year we’ll be opening up slots for commission work ^^

Though currently we’re both booked until June, please feel free to send us questions to: commissions @

For commission work there are some basic facts:
1) We will both only have about 3 to 4 slots each (so 3~4 slots for D2, and 3~4 slots for Pat). Only one slot each will be open at a time – this means if we currently have a commission, we won’t take another one until the first one is done. However, we will start a wait list. Each commission will take about 3 to 4 months to complete, and in progress pictures will be sent.

2) We reserve the right to include pictures of the finished pieces for our portfolios.

3) You can ask for a piece similar to past works we have done, but neither of us will directly copy a piece that was done before, or a work from another artist.

4) Our pieces are made using Premier air-dry clay, Flumo ceramic slip, and
Apoxy Sculpt. These are one of a kind creations and works of art, so they are not intended as play things for children.

5) Pricing will depend on the size and complexity of the commission – you can always send us a quote request with a short description of what you’re interested in and we’ll let you know the cost. A deposit will be due at the start of a commission, with the balance due when the piece is finished.

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Two new OOAK dolls: Lune and Bella Xiang

The first two one of a kind dolls from D2 are here!

First up is Lune – a completely new head sculpt inspired by the moon and stars. Lune measures approximately 30 cm tall, and is similar in body to Xiang. The doll is sculpted from Flumo cast pieces and Premier paper clay, and then painted to give a dark metallic finish. She has unique shoes accented with a shooting stars.

Second up is Bella Xiang – a one of a kind custom Xiang inspired by delicate lace and embroidery. She is approximately 23cm tall with painted eyes and custom shoes with hearts for heels.The doll is sculpted from Flumo cast pieces and Premier paper clay, and then painted pink with white lace accents and small flower motifs.

The dolls are $350 each (not including shipping) and will be added to our Etsy shop Cirque De Fantomes on October 15th. These dolls are ready to go to their new homes.

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